The Women’s Journey Foundation recognizes the value of life experiences to grow as women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, professionals, homemakers, celebrities, social workers and the myriad of choices we have.

Our programs are designed to awaken women and girls to their personal power and purpose. The provide the most necessary ingredients for the journey to empowerment through regularly scheduled events and outreach. Our programs help women discover their talents and strengths that lead to their highest potential.

We celebrate the personal journey of every woman!  The Women’s Journey Foundation encourages women to share their life experiences and stories for the betterment and growth of all women. Our role is to create a transformational shift in the way women and girls view themselves.

The Women’s Journey Foundation provides opportunities for women to enrich their lives through educational & inspirational programs and events that create a path to authenticity and personal growth. Our interactive programs are designed to awaken women and girls to their personal power and purpose.

Women possess a powerful ability to heal. We nurture, give birth to new ideas and march forward. In this time of massive change, our role is more important than ever! It’s time to find our passion and follow our dreams. Listen to that inner self that urges you to move forth into the unknown. We are rooting for you!

Part of the mission of the Women’s Journey Foundation is to invest in future generations which we do with our annual Girls Conference and programs. Girls learn about their strengths, talents and power. Over the past ten years, girls have participated in fun, interactive activities, met role models and were inspired by their stories of strength and perseverance. Now they know that they can rise above any challenge.

Making HERstory – Celebrating Women’s Contributions
of the Past and Today

March 26, 2017 12:30 – 3:30 PM
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10th Annual Girls Self-Esteem Conference


Celebrity Endorsements

pointer_homeI'm so excited! What a great event. You could feel the energy from the women in the room. I keep thinking about all the wonderful new friends I made. God is good all the time! I recommend the Women's Journey Conference to all women of every age and background. If you have to decide which event to attend this year, make it this one.
Ruth Pointer
wilson_homeThese people are phenomenal. The WJF has great potential for impacting teen pregnancies, employment and women's contributions.
Carnie Wilson
baxter_homeI wholeheartedly endorse the WJF. Their energetic staff of varied ages, backgrounds and hues was a great testament that it's really all about people.
Meredith Baxter
williams_homeFor young women in today's world it is an opportunity to be both inspired and lovingly directed toward healthy action and positive thought.
Paul Williams
wagner_homeI am delighted to see what the Women's Journey Conference is doing to help women of all ages. Their self-esteem program for young girls is so important to help them realize their importance, potential and begin to discover their purpose.
Lindsay Wagner