-Experiences Shared,
                     Dreams Realized

The Women's Journey Foundation recognizes the value of life experiences to grow as women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, professionals, homemakers, celebrities, social workers and the myriad of choices we have.

Our programs are designed to awaken women and girls to their personal power and purpose. The provide the most necessary ingredients for the journey to empowerment through regularly scheduled events and outreach. Our programs help women discover their talents and strengths that lead to their highest potential. Annual opportunities include:

The Women's Journey Conference-Premier experiential event featuring headline speakers, girls self-esteem program, shopping and entertainment

Regularly Scheduled Events and Speaker Receptions-with leading edge speakers and facilitators and Best Selling Authors

Soul Excursions-Two to three day retreats focused on shared experiences and realization of dreams.


Celebrity Endorsements

  • Ruth Pointer

    I'm so excited! What a great event. You could feel the energy from the women in the room. I keep thinking about all the wonderful new friends I made. God is good all the time! I recommend the Women's Journey Conference to all women of every age and background. If you have to decide which event to attend this year, make it this one.

  • Carnie Wilson

    These people are phenomenal. The WJF has great potential for impacting teen pregnancies, employment and women's contributions.

  • Meredith Baxter

    I wholeheartedly endorse the WJF. Their energetic staff of varied ages, backgrounds and hues was a great testament that it's really all about people.

  • Paul Williams

    For young women in today's world it is an opportunity to be both inspired and lovingly directed toward healthy action and positive thought.

  • Lindsay Wagner

    I am delighted to see what the Women's Journey Conference is doing to help women of all ages. Their self-esteem program for young girls is so important to help them realize their importance, potential and begin to discover their purpose.

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